Have an out of world experience this Halloween dressed as Corporal Jake Sully in your Sully Costume.  Travel from Pandora and bring along your sexy alien partner, Neytiri.

Avatar Jake Sully Adult Costume WigDress up and play the Superhero Jack Sully at your next Avatar Program Event or Halloween Party.

Avatar Jake Sully Wig is a Costume accessory you will want to include with your Sully Costume this Halloween.

Avatar broke all kinds of records and became the highest grossing firm worldwide with it’s release in 2009.

Avatar earned high praises and awards for its breakthrough in cinematic technology.  Two sequels are expected to follow.

This scientific epic film is set in 2154.  Humans have Avatars which are genetically engineered hybrid bodies so they can interact with the Pandora natives.

Avatar Jake Sully Adult Halloween Costume

Avatar Jake Sully Adult Costume

Lush and green, Pandora is an earth-like moon orbiting a blueish Jupiter like planet, inhabited by Na’vi.  Na’vi are a ten foot tall, blue skinned humanoid race.

The Na’vi have their own language and their own culture.  The atmosphere is toxic to humans which forces them to use breathing masks.

Jake Sully leaves his wheelchair behind as he slips into his Avatar.  He is now free to protect and stand up for the rights of the blue skinned species of sapient humanoid aliens in Pandora.

Fighting along side his new love Neytiri for the Na’vi inhabinants, Sully risks everything and gives up his human form.

Avatar Jake Sully Vinyl Adult Mask

Avatar Jake Sully Vinyl Mask is one option you will have to complete your Sully Costume.  You can also use an Avatar Make Up Kit to create the Blue skin Sully look.

Avatar is a romantic, scientific adventure that takes place in the future.  Jake Sully is a former Marine and crippled war veteran.  As a paraplegic, he is bound to a wheelchair.

After the death of Tom, Sully’s twin brother, Sully is asked to replace him on a mission to the distant world of Pandora.  Sully is promised the spinal surgery that will fix his legs in exchange for completing this mission.

After traveling through Space to Pandora, Jake is excited and anxious with the thought of a fresh start and being free of his wheelchair.

Jake learns that he will be able to walk again and breath the atmosphere while in his Avatar form.

After being separated from a patrol, Jake Sully is rescued from a predator’s attack by Neytiri.  She is the daughter of the clan’s spiritual leader Mo’at.

Neytiri is instructed to bring Sully to her clan’s dwelling, Hometree.  At Hometree, Mo’at instructs her daughter to teach the “warrior dreamwalker”, Jake Sully their ways.

As Jake Sully learns the ways of the Na’vi, he finds himself falling in love with Neytiri, and she with him.

Avatar is a movie you will never forget.  A movie of and possibly about what future life may be like.  I don’t want to give away the entire story, but if you haven’t seen this movie yet, you should.

Avatar – Jake Sully